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figurative friends and new hope
People in our lives are not always as straight forward as others.
Some people are open books, what you see is what you get.
Then there are others, those whose motives are unclear.
I myself have dealt with both and personally both provide good points on life.
Even if the people around you are straight forward I find that it's always good to investigate further.  
Which brings me to our topic of figurative friends, those people who throughout society who put loyalties to the test.
These people can come from both sides of the augment mysterious and straight forward.
Truthfully I have met some of the most amazing people from both sides of the spectrum.
Also though I have met some of the worst, people who have strained me to my breaking points and back.
But they helped also helped me, they gave me strength beyond all belief.
Even though they may have hurt me, shattered me into a million pieces it was worth it.
It helped me build new bonds with people I though I had
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people dream that one day we will all get along.
that finally the differences won't matter,
and we will all be accepted.
a time where a person can say what they believe,
and not have to live in fear.
where we help one another not because of their race or beliefs,
but because they need help.
a place where we are judged based on our actions,
and nothing else.
I believe that this is possible,
that we can stand as one.
that there is no race, political, or religious groups;
only human.
deep down we are all human,
and maybe one day we can accept that.
until that day though there will always be hope,
that we can live in unity.
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that five letter word
so simple yet so painful.
The one true fear we all hold in one word.
The thing that makes this word so terribly frightening is one thing.
We can't control it.
No one knows when, where, how, or why the will die,
they just know they will.
That word also means more than that,
it means we are not invincible.
It means we are weak.
We never really accept the fact that we can die.
It's just astronomical to us that one day we and everyone we know is here,
and the next they're gone.
Each day we believe there will be a tomorrow to look forward to,
but one day there won't be a next day.
So we build up our walls not for war,
but to hide from the truth we can't accept.
That one day we will be gone and no one will remember us.
So until that day we will all ignore the fact.
Death is coming for us,
and there is no getting out of it.  
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Why Questions?
Humans fear a lot.
We fear the darkness, loneliness, and not being accepted.
So that makes us think. 
Why are questions so menacing?
There is no instinctive reason to fear them.
The fear is just there.
I believe that we fear the questions we are asked, because of the darkness.
Because of not being accepted into society.
Because the ones we love may leave us in our loneliness.
a human may fear danger but even after it passes the ones we love will probably be there.
Every question you answer affects how people view you. 
The worst part is unlike a dangerous situation which can be fixed most of the time,
once you say your mind it can't be taken back.
So us humans should fear questions, but also embrace them. 
Without them so many things would never have happened.
Questions are the reason our world works!
Maybe we should all just stop fearing the questions, and just accept them.
They won't go away,
but hey that's
no reason
to be afraid.
Life is just to sh
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I am not invincible.
I have weak spots.
A lot of things scare me to death.
My future is uncertain.
People expect me to be this strong confident person.
Like a superhero.
No emotional troubles.
No sadness.
No fear.
I am not trouble less, happy go lucky, fearless person.
I am a scared, lonely and insecure.
 Truthfully I am stronger than I was.
I'm happy with who I am as a person.
What I hate is that when I show who I am they think I'm invincible.
That's not true.
I said it before and I will say it again.
No matter what they say.
No one is invincible. 
Not me or you.
we are strong not invincible.     
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Every day we take for granted the power of our words.
We say what we please no matter how it affects others.
Never do we realize the pain it may have caused.
Not even when others hurt us with their words do we realize the pain.
They never see it's hurting others because words don't leave a mark or scar.
No, they leave a damaged soul.
So every time you gossip think about the person on the other end.
How do they feel?
Because believe it or not they are also human beings.
So before you say something about anyone think about this.
You are judging that person for not being perfect, while you are not either.
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truth and reality
I want to tell you the world is perfect, but it's not.
It is a terrible place with terrible people.
I can't lie and say it's fine,
because it's not.
I can tell you this thought,
no matter what you may hear and what they may say.
You are strong enough to overcome this reality,
and to make a new one.
The truth is that life won't be perfect.
You will make mistakes, but that's ok.
Because so does everyone else,
you are not alone in it.
So stand up to the world,
look life in the face
and say those simple words that will set you free.
"I will not be afraid anymore"
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I am not perfect
warning strong language
I used to look in the mirror and pick out every flaw I ever saw, I called myself ugly and told myself I would die alone. It didn't help that I was bullied, tormented for years by a girl who the most offensive thing I said was hello. I had little to no friends to support me during this time. I was desperately alone and not cared for. I was seen as a quiet pushover who needed to grow up. On many occasions I would cry myself to sleep with these matters. Until that one day she pushed me to far and I snapped. That was the day I asked for help and was given the advice that could save me. You can fight back don't take anymore fight, and so I did. in front of everyone I screamed at her and told her how much she hurt me over all those years. I stood up and unleashed the anger that boiled me to the core, after that day I changed. I put it out there that I wasn't taking no shit from nobody. I was f
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the point of it all
The point of this life. That is a question we all will ask in our life time. I will give you two answers to this question that are both true and false at the same time.
    1:We are born in that 365 days a new generation starts their journey sadly even from the beginning we lose many people and after that last day of the year our generation is sealed. We walk forward towards a ever retreating finish line. We grow older and older each year losing so many from our generation but we carry on towards nothing. We slow down after a while and start to enjoy this never ending journey, we may even start a new generation on their way. So we keep moving trying to leave all of the markers we possibly can desperately hoping to be remembered red. But as time carries on and as more of us fall and our generation shrinks even more. Until finally you fall and can't get up. You are left behind. All your purpose was to keep moving to a finish line you will never touch.
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everyone worries about all the events that will happen in their life. Sadly we don't realize that we are only assured two events in our lives, that we are born into this world and that one day we will leave it. I myself usually don't have such a grim outlook but it's true. You do not know how or when you will die you only know you will. Every choice you make and every choice that the people around make will effect your life. The scariest part is those choices could be your ultimate demise or they could save your life. The reason I call this smile is simple. Because if you worry about everything that could go wrong on this Earth you will miss Life's beauty. This beginning isn't meant to depress you it's meant to tell you live your life don't worry yourself to death over everything that could go wrong. Worry about what would happen if you just stopped living on account of the fear that you will mess up and fail. Life is not entirely about the decisions you make it is about havi
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if anyone wants a small work or inspiration dedicated to them I am taking requests please send a note with a small description of your problem (no specifics needed) and I can hopefully turn out a small snipet for you.   


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